About TalkToBot
TalkToBot is a web-based service that allows to manage communication with your customers from one dashboard. You can monitor and reply to conversations on Facebook Messenger or WebChat on your website. You can also automate the conversation by creating your own bot. If you want to send your customers regular updates you can use our broadcast service.
Creating an account on TalkToBot is easy. You can register using email, phone or social sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter). Once you sign up and confirm your account, you will be asked to select the IM platform you would like to use. If you authorize external network your earlier conversations with your customers will be displayed in the conversations tab. Then you can monitor all incoming messages and reply to them. If you wish you can create broadcasts or bots. You will be provided with easy step-by-step tutorial through the whole process.
  • Here at TalkToBot security is of utmost importance. This is why we have implemented a multi-layered infrastructure. Such a system guarantees that the data we receive from clients' browsers is securely transferred to our servers.
  • All TalkToBot connections are encrypted using the 256bit SSL protocol. Our domains are hosted only on a secure HTTPS address.
  • Confidential data, such as passwords, are encrypted with one-way hash algorithms in our database, ensuring that no-one can decrypt them.
  • We don't store credit card details on our servers for security reasons.
Full list of supported networks can be found here.
Authorization is a process of providing TalkToBot the required permissions to manage your networks/fanpages. It is required in case of external networks like Facebook Messenger to allow our service to access messages sent to your network/fanpage. You can remove added networks at any time.
To remove network go to Networks section in the dashboard. Press the trash icon next to the network that you wish to delete. IMPORTANT! Please be informed that some data will be lost after deleting the network.
When you remove a network from TalkToBot following data will be lost:
  • If you remove WebChat ALL conversations with your customers will be removed
  • If there is a bot assigned to removed network it will be turned off
  • Active broadcasts assigned to removed network will be turned off
  • Additional data about the messages will be removed (attachments, images, galleries)
Conversation is a set of messages between you and your customer exchanged on one of the networks.
Go to Conversations tab to display all conversations with your customers. Detailed information about conversations tab can be found here.
If you reply within the conversation the bot will no longer reply in that conversation. Only you or your customer can turn it back on.
Some messages sent before authorizing TalkToBot are not displayed. This applies for example to images, galleries and attachments sent on Facebook Messenger. As soon as Facebook changes that setting we will display those messages.
Audience list allows you to create multiple recipients lists for your broadcasts. You can send broadcasts to different networks and you can filter specific users using various criteria.
Autoposting sources is a list of RSS/Youtube sources that you added. You can add as many sources as you want. Autoposting source is used to automatically send messages to your audience list each time new item is added to RSS.
Regular message is a one-time message created by the user. It will be sent depending on the audience list chosen.
RSS message is a regular message that will be sent each time new content is published in RSS feed. It will be sent depending on the audience list chosen.
Bot is an automated service that will reply to your customers' messages. Bot will sent pre-defined messages depending on your customer's question. Bot can be integrated with external systems to provide better and enriched answers (weather forecast, customer order information, service reservation, etc.)
Only you and your customer has access to the information sent by bot. Messages are not shared with any external company. Communication between our system and messaging platform is encrypted to provide maximum security.
Messages are not shared with any external company. Communication between our system and messaging platform is encrypted to provide maximum security.
Yes, using our service you can create your own bot from the beginning or you can use one of our templates.
Templates are sets of predefined questions, answers and settings for bot. Using template you can create your own bot within minutes. Most of the settings are already defined. You just have to provide a minimal amount of information required for the bot to work. Check the list of available templates.
Full list of available integrations can be found here.
We will provide access to create own integration soon. If you wish to create new integration, please contact us.
Yes, please contact us if you want us to create a custom bot for you.