Main settings

Pick a name for your bot. It will be used only internally (it will not be displayed for your customers).

Status allows you to turn the bot on or off.

When AI is turned on it try to match the users' questions with one of the intents that you created. It makes your bot much more flexible! You just need to predict the topic that your users will want to talk about and add few User Says to teach the bot and our AI will do the rest. In the AI settings section you can change the aggressiveness level.

With the AI turned off your bot will respond only to questions that have the exact match in User Says

Timezone setting allows you to set up the working hours for your bot based on your timezone

We strongly recommend to turn on the AI. Try our eCommerce bot with AI enabled here
AI requires minimum two Intents with ten User Says added. This is the minimum amount that allows the AI engine to learn and predict user intentions.

Main Settings

AI settings

Your bot can have two aggressiveness levels: Neutral or Aggressive. Neutral AI will compare the users' questions with the intents that you created. Based on our algorithms, bot will reply with the answer only if it finds a good match. It may happen that the user question will be unrecognized. Aggressive AI sends responses with larger error margin. Most probable response will be send even in case of high uncertainty

We recommend to use aggressive AI for bots with very large number of intents.

AI Settings

Greeting & Menu

Greeting & Menu

Start button

Start button will display the "Get started" button for users that didn't write any message to your bot yet. After user presses the button the intent tagged with "welcome" event will be sent.

Get started button will be displayed for user like this:

Get started

Start button must be turned on to allow for blocking users' input, persistent menu or greeting text.
Block users' input

Blocking users' input will block all possibility for user to write to your bot. This feature was created for bots that allow only for interaction via buttons.

Persistent menu

Persistent menu allows your users to navigate through the bot. You can create a menu with up to 3 layers and each layer consists of up to links. Menu items can link users to websites, intents, events or to the next level of the menu.

Persistent menu will be displayed in Messenger and Webchat after pressing the menu button:

Persistent menu

"Create bot with TalkToBot" is a fixed button for all free bots. Whitelabel is available in premium plan. If you wish to upgrade, please contact us
Greeting text

Greeting text will be displayed to users that haven't wrote any message to your bot yet. It is a welcome message for your customers.

Greeting text will be displayed for user like this:

Greeting text

Opening hours

Opening hours

Opening hours will automatically turn your bot on or off for your customers.

Opening hours depend on the timezone setting.