Fulfillments are used to manage settings for more advanced bot interactions. For empty bot the fulfillments section looks like this:

Questions & Answers

The simplest bot function is to answer for your customers' questions. 'Questions and Answers' (Q&A) function is added by default to all created bots.

Creating a new Q&A

To create a new Q&A simply press "Add new question". You will be asked to provide a question and answer. Questions should include possible questions from your customers. Answers are your responses for your customers questions.

Q&A section allows for the most basic interaction: questions and answers. If you wish to add buttons, links and more to your answers you have to create intent.
Question variant for Q&A

Question variants allow to add more variants of the main question that lead to the same answer. Each of your customers' can ask the question in a different way, while they hope for the same answer. Question variant will help you to manage that.

Importing Q&A

You can upload the Excel import template filled with your questions and answers. Remember to always fill the question and answer in each of the rows that you wish to import. Leaving one of those fields empty may cause improper import.

Q&A import template

Download the template to import Questions and Answers easily. You need to fill it with your questions and answers and upload.

Download Q&A Template

Import template has bigger capability than Q&A module. It allows to import also links to external websites that will be added as buttons to your responses. Import allows also to add buttons to responses and to create multiple responses. For more information go to Intents.
You should always include question and answer in each of the Excel rows. Importing only question or only answer may not work properly.