Entities list

Entities list displays all entites that can be used by your bot. You can create as many entities as you wish.

Entities list

Remember to add the entites that you created to your bot. Otherwise they will not be used.


When editing an entity you can change it's name, validation rule or the validation message.

Entity name may be displayed to your customer based on the option that you used when creating a response.



Validation allows you to check if the customer's response matches your requirement. For example, if you asked user to provide an email, his response should be in correct format. Validation helps you to check that. You can choose one of the following validation options:

  • No validation - user's response won't be checked
  • Number - user has to provide a number. Additionally you can provide a minimum and maximum number that will be allowed.
  • Email - user has to provide a correct email address
  • Date - user has to provide a date in ISO-8601 format.
  • Url - user has to provide a correct url address
  • Phone - user has to provide a correct phone number in format +48 000 000 000
  • Regular expression - allows you to create your own rule that will validate the user's response.
Validation Message

Validation message will be displayed when user doesn't provide the answer that matches your rule. We suggest to add some instruction here to help your users what input exactly do you require.

The default validation message is: "[Entity name] is invalid! Provide the correct value:".